Learn more about the available Amana products in Zebulon, NC.
At Landen Heating and Cooling, our experienced heating and cooling team will help you understand which Amana products may be right for your particular space and your budget. We are dedicated to helping our customers maintain their home comfort throughout the year.

Amana products come from the USA at Daikin Texas Technology Park near Houston, TX. The American factory makes a wide variety of HVAC products that includes air conditioners, air handlers and coils, heat pumps, mini splits, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and temperature controls. Your local Amana dealer also has access to the entire line of Clean Comfort Indoor Air Essentials products. Check with our professionals at Landen Heating and Cooling for current availability in the Zebulon area.

Reliable Amana Products in Zebulon

Available Amana products include:
  • AVXC20: High-Efficiency Air Conditioner with ComfortBridge (TM) and Inverter Technology
  • ASXV9: High-Efficiency Split System Air Conditioner, Inverter Driven, Variable Speed
  • Amana Brand Smart Thermostat with advanced configuration, onboard diagnostics, and simplified control wiring
  • AMVM97: High-Efficiency Modulating Variable Speed Gas Furnace, 98% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE, similar to a car’s miles-per-gallon)
  • AMVE Multi-Position, Variable-Speed Air Handler (Air Handlers and Coils): Inverter tuned, ComfortBridge (TM) and SmartFrame (TM) technologies
  • ASZS6 S-Series: S-Series Heat Pumps with Inverter Technology, compatible with Amana smart thermostat, slim profile, corrosion-resistant Blue Fin coating, quiet mode with three acoustic levels

ComfortBridge (TM) technology is Amana’s factory-installed smart appliance technology. Every ComfortBridge (TM) device comes optimized for energy efficiency. Ask Landen Heating and Cooling, your authorized Amana dealer, to learn more about using smart device technology in your home.

Your Local Heating and Cooling Company

No matter which Amana product is right for you, Landen Heating and Cooling can help you with all your installation, service, and repair needs. We’ll be sure to take your home’s individual floor plan and your budget into account as we assess your needs and the best products and services to meet them.

Where indoor air quality is an issue, Amana also offers the full range of Clean Comfort Indoor Air Essentials products. These include HEPA and other filtration devices, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, ventilation devices, and UV air purifiers. Whatever your individual needs are, you can trust that Landen Heating and Cooling can help you find the best, made-in-the-USA Amana appliance for your home.

amana tech working on a hvac unit
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