Landen Heating and Cooling is the best place to get a heat pump in Zebulon, NC.

Our team of HVAC experts can answer all of your questions about heat pumps and help you decide which heat pump system is right for your home. Then, you could take advantage of the superior energy efficiency and comfort that the latest heat pumps have to offer. They’re a great way to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs without incurring large energy bills in the process. And, as the world continues to move away from fossil fuels, heat pumps are an important part of residential electrification that you can use today.

It’s also worth pointing out that a heat pump system comes in a similar form factor to conventional forced air heating and cooling systems. That means replacing your existing furnace and central AC with a new heat pump typically doesn’t require extensive modifications to your home. They use the same kind of ductwork as a furnace or central AC system and feature an outdoor unit that looks almost identical to the one a central AC system would have.